Why modules?

Because thanks to the modules the houses are nicer, firmer, more spacious and more user-friendly. We deliver them as "standard offer," or you can choose any house from other companies and to use our technology and materials and thus we are able to build this house with better parameters at the same or lower price and with better properties. Our built houses can be seen in the Czech Republic in the village of Němčice, Blansko. Please contact us to arrange a visit. 

Mounting the modules on prepared foundations, using a heavy crane  

You are able to assemble the whole building yourself with simple technical support using our steps. Place the steel components that are part of our kit on the ground screws. Using a small mobile crane, you can easily bolt together a steel skeleton of the whole construction consisting of the individual modules. Thus it ensures the stability and strength of the entire house. By selecting the size of individual modules and their number, you determine the size of the entire house.

 After assembling the steel skeleton, screw the panels of the outer cladding, floors, ceilings and roof. This basically encloses the entire house ("shell or rough construction") and you can resume further work regardless of the weather. We recommend calling in a professional company that is appropriately equipped for installing windows and thus will guarantee good performance. We will be happy to recommend such a company.

After assembling the whole construction either yourself or by hiring an expert, connect the sewage and water pipes to the house and do the wiring inside the house. After completing the wiring, fill the space between the outer shell and the interior, with insulation (PUR panels or basalt wool). Then install dry walls or other types of interior walls, floors and ceilings. The exterior sheathing could be coated, or as in our case, vinyl siding was used. The entire process of installation and construction of the house is in our Manual, which is an integral part of component delivery when building the house by yourself.

Below is a diagram of the house demonstrating that our modular buildings can be built by anyone. If you order our house to do-it-yourself from our Portfolio,  you will receive a Building Permit, the Building Notification, Instructions for how to build the house and all the components.

Before ordering a certain type of house, you can also choose materials for the exterior, interior cladding for floors, ceilings, roofs, including colours - see the diagram below. We are happy to assist you.

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