We are different...

A 15 modular house

A 5 modular house

Thanks to solid structure the modules give us lots of option how to arrange the interior, we can use high glazing, possibility to build on screws and thus choose the look / architecture of the house. 

We are different because we bring knowledge, experience and technology of the most advanced and most trusted buildings in the world into the construction of our houses. 

We are different because we build mainly using steel modules, which can be joined and stack easily and thus form solid construction. 

The modules might be laid on pilots

The modules can be built / laid on concrete walls

You can freely arrange the interior, no interior walls are needed

                               This short video shows the construction of a 5 modular house

We are different because we can build any type or kind of cheaper, faster and more reliably. With our help you can select the size and shape of the rooms, windows and the roof pitch. Using our technology we are able to build any Catalogue house of other suppliers and the final difference will not be necessary difference may not be apparent, but the useful properties of the completed building will be completely different.

When we briefly describe the main differences of our buildings compared to standard construction methods, we can mention these following main differences:

Brick/cement construction:

1, brick and prefabricated constructions work mainly with liquid mixtures that have long process times to achieve the desired strength

2 are very dependent on the suitability of the weather during construction,

3, are prone to absorb moisture are prone to cracking aftershocks and strong load.

Wooden constructions:

1, have lower strength corresponding to the load of wood. Higher resistance of wood is achieved by drying and gluing, which, however, significantly increases the cost of those structures.

2, Wood has many enemies which attack the capacity, appearance and existence. These include wood-destroying insects, wood decaying fungi, moisture, joints might loose

3, lower strength has a significant negative effect on many properties of the building, which is obvious by comparing with those of structures built using rolled steel structure, as described below.

MODULAR BUILDINGS using rolled steel:

Houses built by our technology usinge rolled steel modules have the following characteristics thanks to significantly higher strength:

- Can have bigger span between walls,

- Do not need any support walls or other supports in the interior,

- Can use significantly higher glazing

- You can easily make extensions and additions,

- Heavy traffic near the building and seismic activity have almost no effect to stability of the building

- Minimal impact of weather during the construction,

- All the other benefits in wood buildings or brick/concrete or prefabrication can be used in houses with certain benefits (the wooden beams can be visible, sheathing/panelling, brick walls, brick foundations)

-steel structure can be supplemented and combined with any technologies and materials. Strength and reliability provide new opportunities to all other technologies, materials, architects, builders, and especially to the owners and users of these buildings,

Our homes are modern and are people show interest in them. However, if you did not find any house interesting in our basic types of houses on this website, choose the house you like at any other website of any other builder, contact us and we will make you sure that your chosen house can be customized and we hope you will enjoy it more, will have a better internal usability, you will enjoy living in it, will have significantly better properties and deliver it to you for lower or the same price, but with completely different characteristics and it will be "TURN KEY DELIVERY".

You can always count on our support, construction supervision - from the commencement of construction, through the whole building process, until its final approval.